Synthetic phonics is the art of blending sounds together to read new words. The synthesis of sounds has become a large part of phonics teaching in the UK and around the world. No longer are children expected to read the word c-a-t as ‘SEE’ ‘AY’ ‘TEE’ and why would we want them too? Synthetic phonics allows children to develop a deeper understanding of letters and sounds in language, to break down larger words and to manipulate sounds to create new words and learning to read becomes reading to learn.

Below are downloadable files for the order in which we teach the letters and sounds.

Please note, that Phase 1 is all about listening to sounds, playing with sounds, engaging with environmental sounds, body sounds, vocal sounds, songs, rhymes, patterns in sound and generally developing the aural capacity of the children, in preparation to Phase 2.

Order of Teaching the Sounds

Order of Teaching the High Frequency Words


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